Bearding on a Budget

Bearding on a Budget

Posted by Beardsman Oil Co on 30th Dec 2017

How to get the most bang for your buck with the two best product investments for every beard.

It's just after Holidays. The money is spent, the mortgage is due and no one bought you any Beardsman products. Aside from having friends that don't understand your needs there's another problem the modern beardsman now faces - Bearding on a budget. How do you get those dollars to stretch just a little further? It's no coincidence the products we offer have a natural cadence to their use and one tends to follow another, but what do you do if you don't have $60 to spend and still want to take good care of that beard? What if I said that for $25 you'll have your month covered and still maintain the health of you beard? 

Clean and hydrate. It's that simple and that's truly the core function of any of pout products. They either clean or hydrate. Oil, balm, conditioner — they're all hydrating products with specific focuses. Wash, combs, soaps — they clean. Starting everyday with a clean slate is the best start to your beards overall health. After that we want to hydrate and protect the skin underneath. That's where the magic happens and that's what we want to maintain. So with just a wash and oil, you can make it through the month and not worry about letting your hard earned majesty slip away with time. 

Beard Wash ($10)

  • Gently Cleanses and helps remove debris

Earl Grey Beard Wash

Rich lather helps loosen and capture beard-ruff, dirt and environmental debris.

  • Gentle Ph suitable for daily use

Most beard type shampoos are only suitable for use once or twice a week which makes us ask, if it isn't good for beards is it really a beard wash? Doesn't make sense to us. We want our beards healthy and clean so our wash is made for everyday use.

  • Concentrated shampoo style product without added water
  • One bottle of beard wash is equal to about 14oz of commercial shampoo, just without the water. A very little bit goes a long way and this bottle lasts the average consumer 4-6 weeks

BeardOil ($15)Cuban Coffee Beard Oil
  • Moisturizes the skin

Crafted to mimic your natural hair oil. Face skin doesn't produce oil like our scalp, so we help it along with the addition of beard care products.

  • Staves off Beard-ruff

Keeping the skin moisturized eliminates dry skin beard flakes

  • Packaged to travel

In a convenient small bottle that is at home wherever you happen to be

With these two core products, you should be able to keep the beard in check and look great doing so.