Our Soaps : Buy One and Share One

Our Soaps : Buy One and Share One

Posted by Beardsman Oil Co on 29th Dec 2017

What's important about the program?

We've been selling soap for years. It just makes sense. Being a grooming company, you really need to cover the bases as far as essentials and we've accomplished a lot in that regard. We're always looking to expand what we offer. In the beginning of 2016 we added safety razors and a variety of shaving goods, which for a company founded on beard care - that's a big step. But this isn't why you're here and not why I've set out to write this, so here's the pitch...

Program History:

Again in 2016, but late 2016. In August at the cusp of September after much deliberation on how I can do some good with the business, I had decided that helping those in need with a wider catchment would be better than what we were doing at the time. We do still continue to donate a portion of profits every month to User Submitted charity but that only goes so far. I wanted to create a separate program that could live independently of Beardsman but incorporated the same brand values of high quality, sustainable and responsible product manufacturing. Having upwards of 15 different soap types, we decided that would be a good place to simplify, standardize and expand. With this, we're able to compete with the larger natural soap companies at a similar price point and Beardsman standard quality. I first reached out to local homeless shelters donating initially 50 bars of soap. Since that time our standard donation has been 100 bars and we're happy to say we've donated hundreds. There's many things needed by people and toiletries often are overlooked in lieu of can drives, fundraisers and the like. So it's been a natural fit. A men's grooming company donating hygiene products to organizations that need just that.

  • We've simplified the recipe 

Using Olive, Coconut, Soybean, Hempseed and Organic Shea Butter

  • We're bastards to supply for

It has to be sustainably sourced, non-GMO, cruelty free and extremely high quality

  • It's in a box!

Given our stringent non-excess, eco friendly operation we've carefully thought this one out. In order to expand the amount of people this program can help the soaps have to be on shelves in stores. It's retail ready (for all you retailers reading this) and has an amazing shelf presence.

  • Palm Free

Given all the issues that's been attached to palm oil and the industry around that we've taken a higher road and forgone the use of it completely

  • It's soap

With all the beard specific and hair-centric products we carry there simply wasn't a need to have a beard bar. We already make an amazing (read the reviews) beard wash and conditioner. These are skin/body soaps suitable for any man, woman or child.  

Current Status:

We're now offering 8 bars and gauging customer response (I love to hear from you - seriously email me anytime) on what is preferred. Over time, we will adjust or change one here or there but have settled on some good masculine scents that should satisfy anyones palettes. There's already some clear favorites and we have translated some of our beard care line through this with the Cuban Coffee and Peppermint Tea Tree. There's cleansing bars, bars that moisturize and bars that exfoliate but the all lather great and all do so without the addition of chemical dyes, artificial colorants, chemical surfactants, parabens or sulfates. As the box says "We've thoughtfully crafted our program and our soap to be good for you, your neighborhood and your planet." Each bar is made, cut and packed the old fashioned way, by hand as it should be.

Future of the Program:

We are planning on adding in our own African Black Soap which really is loved and the Beardsman Strong Pine Tar Bar. But that's in the pipeline We are actively seeking retailers (still talking to you retail shops) who would like to add this charitable program to the curated goods they carry.