Closed Comb DE Safety Razor

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Closed Comb Safety Razor



  • Redesigned cutting angle increased slightly for less effort when pulling
  • Traditional 3 piece design and styling will be familiar to any wet shaver straight out of the box
  • Closed comb allows for easy rinsing and no place for any particulate that may get caught in the head, eliminating clogging
  • All Stainless parts eliminate the worry of rusting
  • Heaviest of all our safety razors, this will give the user an extremely close, commutable shave with minimal effort


The basic form of a razor, "the cutting blade of which is at right angles with the handle, and resembles somewhat the form of a common hoe", was first described in a patent application in 1847 by William S. Henson. This also covered a "comb tooth guard or protector" which could be attached both to the hoe form and to a conventional straight razor. This classic styling and performance was good enough for our forefathers because it worked. And it worked well. Eliminate the need for expensive disposable head or throw away razors with this razor. Priced for a beginner but designed to compete with the big name brands.