"Dapper Fellow" Handmade Wooden Beard Comb - Maple

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Dr. Buda's "Dapper Fellow" handmade wooden beard comb is just that, 100% handmade, by a guy, with tools, and 2 hands. Handmade means that someone has taken the time to meticulously produce, and finish each comb, individually, with extensive attention to craftsmanship and detail. Our wood combs come in an array of purposely selected hardwoods, both domestic and exotic. The overall shape and detail, as well as the selection of woods gives them a truly unique style, all of their own.  Each comb is hand sanded to a fine finish, and then treated with a blend of coconut oil, and beeswax to give luster and protection. As each comb is a handmade piece of functional art, please expect slight variation from one comb to the next. Included with each comb is a matching hardwood stand, to display and preserve your comb.