Lavender Beard Balm

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This Balm was made from home grown Lavender, Lavender Buds and Essential Oils. It was introduced as response to everyone asking to pair balm with the Lavender Beard Oil. With a plant butter and oil rich recipe it will leave you beard soft and manageable. 

Beard Balm is at its essence a hair product. It coats the hairs with beeswax providing both separation and a fuller appearance with the benefit of control. Much like a pomade for scalp hair it will provide conditioning and a degree of hold. Our Beard Balms are a medium hold and will help control fly-aways from even the most burly of beards. But where it shines is in the conditioning. It uses carrier oils similar to our Beard Oils. Using rich plant butters to super-fat or enrich the conditioning it will add sheen and relax the hairs for a more well kept appearance. The Beard Balm is mixed with a variety of Essential Oils to match some of our other products.

Beard Balm is suggested for beards of comb-able length. There are a variety of preferred application methods, most of which are subjective and up to the individual users preference. The suggested use for this balm is to start with a large pea or almond size amount of balm taken from the tin on the back of a finger nail. Use the palms of the hands to work the balm into an oil like product and apply throughout the beard, combing or brushing after to more evenly distribute the product.