NorthWoods Moustache Wax

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Our Soft Wax in the North Woods variety. This wax is great for training a moustache to do your bidding instead of the typical free willed wild stache. It will help keep hairs out of your mouth and give that neat and groomed appearance throughout the day.

Moustache wax is a stiff pomade to help control and shape the moustache. This wax is offered in a soft hold that will help train the hairs away from the mouth and provide a little curl if desired. It is conveniently offered in a tube which offers ease of portability and use. It can be carried in a pocket or left on a shelf without taking up much room. The scent profiles offered match out Gold Line of Beard Oils. Using natural beeswax and lanolin this wax will offer good water resistance and should hold up without much need to re-apply.

To use simply spread onto the moustache directly from the tube and use a Moustache Comb to evenly apply, drawing the wax to the tips of the moustache. Can be set with a hairdryer if desired or simply left in a more natural state.