Our Story


I first started producing beard oil alone in 2009. It was a steep learning curve I truly had not expected. Blending oils is part art and part science. The unique properties present of each oil have to be carefully considered before deciding on a recipe and testing it. Previous to which a sustainable source had to be found for each of the oils I incorporate into my blend. I had gone through innumerous micro batches before I was remotely satisfied with the product. At the time there weren't too many products on the market, I had only known of one other. The other available brand I had purchased was OK but I just found myself ultimately dissatisfied. I knew what I really wanted out of the product and that was my step off point. I've spent countless hours studying, researching and sourcing materials learning the most valuable and steadfast rule. The is no compromise for quality. And quality is expensive. I quickly realized the costs associated with producing a high quality product and had to start selling the product to support it. After a few years of personal sales and by recommendation I had decided to bring this product online. Throughout time the dedication to making an actual business was on and off as my time allowed. I knew it was time to act and make an honest attempt at it or just stop completely. Well, I haven't stopped. I still continue to refine my techniques, educate myself and bring you the best products available with the best materials that can be sourced. When I feel I've perfected a product type, only then will I add another. It's been a slow road to get to having all I offer but it's the road that keeps you and your satisfaction as the center of my focus. I have added a variety of new product types and will continue to grow my offerings as a full Men's grooming company. 

I am first and foremost a full time husband to a fantastic wife and father to a remarkable little boy. I work full time and maintain this company full time. It is a large workload but I enjoy it thoroughly. It is my hope that the future will allow me to shift my focus to my family and this company to be able to leave a legacy onto my son. It is with this in mind that I strive daily to provide the best product with the best possible service. I do everything within my abilities to assure that every purchase ends with a happy and satisfied customer.

There are a number of noteworthy items we pride ourselves in at The Beardsman Oil Company that it was worthy of its own webpage here on the site. We have goals set both immediate and far reaching.


  • We strive to use only the finest available ingredients in our products. This means high quality, sustainably sourced, cruelty free, organic product. We do not use any petro-chemicals in the manufacture of any of our products and keep everything from the product down to the packaging within the scope of this goal.
  • Our packaging is simple. It is in its essence simply a vessel for the product. We do not use custom die cut boxes with high gloss printing or mylar labels for that reason. We find it wasteful to create a new item when there are plenty of sustainable products readily available. We endeavor to use post-consumer paper products or natural fibers where available. Our process was designed in collaboration with specialists so that as the company grows we will be able to hire capable persons with special needs to assist in both producing packaging the product. It is designed around a 3 step process for each item to better suit someone who may have difficulty with a complex procedure. It is a goal of ours that is very important to us to be able to do. Being able to provide gainful employment for someone who is otherwise without, we feel is a true barometer for success. 
  • We do and continually will support organizations that help others. We plan to make it a regular offering to have a featured product or specialty item available from which the proceeds will directly benefit worthy causes. Right now all Goat's Milk Soaps are part of our buy a bar give a bar program. Every bar purchased donates a bar to a homeless shelter.
  • We support artisans in their endeavors to create products like we do, with our hands and our talents. Some of our offerings are from larger manufacturers such as the Kent line and may at times have some offerings from other small businesses but they all share that they are borne of talent and made by hand.