In a perfect world charity and giving to those in need is interwoven into the fabric that makes up a civilized society. It is our duty as a people to lean down and offer a hand up to those who would otherwise stay down. With the benefit of being capable to do so, it is inherent in our nature to give when we can. Whether that is to friends, family or complete strangers, some of the most rewarding experiences life has to offer are those of helping a fellow person. We believe this so much so here at The Beardsman Oil Co. that we earmark 10% of our net profits to go to those programs and organizations in need of financial assistance. With each purchase you better enable us to continue on our mission of good will towards others and help families in need. For that we are thankful of our customers contribution on this effort and hope to continue on this path of helping while possibly influencing a few to follow suit. If you know of any worthy organization in need of funding, please fill out the section below and we will put them on the roster. Please include your Full Name, the Organizations Name & Phone number as well as any contact information available.