Restorative Treatment Beard Balm

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Do you ever need to just hit the reset button? Are you struggling to get the soft, natural and groomed beard that you seem to have just had but no other product is helping? That's exactly where this product came from and is intended as an occasional use balm, this will pack moisture back in where it belongs. This product is best used overnight and after a hot shower. Containing various high end, relaxing essential oils like Jasmine, Lavendar, Indian Sandalwood German Blue Chamomile, Ho Wood, Ylang Ylang Petitgrain and more. The balm will relax your beard and mind. It has a woody, warming floral aroma that develops quickly and stays with you as you rest. It also relies havily on Tamanu and Evening Primrose oil for their restorative properties coating and relaxing the hair. Using half of what you would normally use for balm (I suggest a large pea sized bit to start) and packaged in a 2oz tin, this will last a very long time. Apply after a hot shower after washing out the beard with Beard Wash and towel drying to a slight damp. Brush or comb in to evenly distribute. In the morning start your day by lightly wetting the beard with a quick warm water rinse and apply Beard Oil or Balm as normal.