Tinned Shave Soap - Sandalwood

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Sandalwood Lavender Shave Soap


One of the most recognizable smells in the world of manly things, Sandalwood.It has a distinctive soft, warm, smooth, creamy, and milky precious-wood scent. It imparts a long-lasting, woody base to perfumes from the oriental, woody, fougère, and chypre families. It use dates back thousands of years and will undoubtedly continue on for a long time coming.  


  • Old Fashioned. Simple. Convenient. In a rust proof, twist top tin that can pop in a travel bag or attractively display on your shelf.
  • Super Easy Lather This soap lathers so quickly and easily, it's not just great for pro's but also for the beginner. With a super slick formula guaranteed to add glide.
  • Value Priced Being a hard soap high in glycerin, it will go the distance. Some customers say that distance is measure in months. When butane propelled gels last just 2 weeks for the daily shaver, this holds its on on both economy and useability.
  • Classic Scents you already know and love, made by hand one tin at a time in my shop by me. I'm happy to bring you this gift of yesteryear in a format for today.