Wash & Conditioner

Why choose a beard wash? What's the fuss about? The first thing to note is that the skin on your face is much more sensitive than the skin on your scalp. It has very different needs. The skin on your face has a balance of oils called sebum. This sebum is very necessary to keep your beard at it's optimum growth potential. That's why you'll commonly hear about the need for introducing and maintaining moisture. Dry skin, especially for those prone to oily skin, is a place where sebum is still produced but becomes thick and will clog pores, causing balckheads and cause fallout. The opposite end of the spectrum is stripped hair, where the person is using commercially produced hair products and removes all the beneficial oils that our beards need. Then there's surfactants that are added to make the shampoos scrub better and silicas, dyes, emulsifiers, parabens, artificial fragrances, sulfates, the list just goes on.

I've created a beard specific wash that will remove even the hardest days work without damaging the environment our bodies develop. Available in shower friendly squeeze bottles, they are an easy alternative to bar soap. Just a little is needed and like shampoos, you'll want to avoid contact with eyes. Using only Therapeutic Grade Essential Oils and some of the same High Quality Carrier Oils that our Beard Oils are made from, this is a fantastic addition to any beard care routine.